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The Radiation Services team in the University's Safety Office provides policy and procedures for the handling of

  • ionising radiation - radiation emitted from radioactive substances or from radiation generators such as x-ray machines or accelerators
  • non-ionising radiation - equipment that includes optical radiation (UV, infrared and visible light) lasers and electromagnetic fields.

Radiation sources and waste are subject to strict legislation and the relevant radiation advisers must be consulted regarding movement or transfers of radiation equipment or radioactive materials and waste.

Import and export of certain radiation sources, lasers and related equipment may also come under certain controls and licensing requirements.

Import of unsealed radioactive material is done under established arrangements between authorised Departments (subject to permits and purchasing controls) and the standard suppliers.

Certain special provisions apply to import and export of sealed radioactive sources – consult the Radiation Protection team. Government guidance on shipping radioactive sources between the UK and the EU is available   To ensure data security, forms must be sent over the secure emailing platform, Egress. Contact for further information on accessing Egress.

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