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Import Export Hub


The Hub is based in the Trade Compliance Team at Cambridge University Press & Assessment, with indirect reporting to the University’s Finance Division and University’s Tax Team. The Hub provide assistance to University of Cambridge staff involved with the international movement of goods (imports and exports) and the sale and purchase of services to overseas organisations and individuals.

What can the Hub help me with?

  • Thinking of importing/exporting? The Hub can explain any rules and regulations that you may need help with.
  • Recently ordered from overseas? The Hub can help with giving clearance instructions to freight agents / suppliers.
  • Been charged Import Taxes unexpectedly? The Hub can check if this is correct and help take corrective action.
  • Goods stuck at the border? The Hub can help get them moving.
  • Sending goods for repair? The Hub might be able to help reduce import taxes if involved early on.
  • Sending / taking goods overseas? The Hub can help deal with export declarations.
  • Moving controlled goods? The Hub can bring awareness to import & export controls and guide you to departments such as the Safety Office or the Research Operations Office (ROO) for further advice.

How and when do I contact the Hub?

Please email

The Hub will need to ask a few questions about the import/export and it is always helpful to send relevant documents such as a purchase order, airwaybill, commercial invoice, the C88 import entry or export entry (if applicable). 

The earlier you involve the Hub, the better, because the earlier we are able to influence the information presented at import or export, the smoother the process will be. 

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