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Goods stuck at the border? What do I do?

Why are the goods stuck?

  • Unpaid tax? - customs duty or import VAT
  • Incorrect declarations & paperwork?
  • Type of goods - licenced and regulated goods (eg chemcial, medical, plants, animals)?
  • Are the goods a combined shipment that has been held up?
  • They did not pass inspection - why?

If you can gather the following information, it will help to get the goods released as quickly as possible:

  • The consignment tracking number/code. This can be found on the documents such as the AirWay Bill, Bill of Lading etc.
  • The shipping paperwork i.e. commercial/shipping invoice, waybill document
  • The supplier's name and contact details
  • The import agent/carrier's name and contact details
  • Purchase order (if applicable)

Contact the customs agent/carrier

Using the tracking number, some customs agents/carrier's websites allow online tracking tools to give you additional information. Their customer service facilities can also be useful. If possible, try to call them for a faster response.

Who can I contact at the University?

The University Department's own AP / purchasing / finance staff
Accounts Payable (AP) Help Desk (7)66888

Health & Safety (chemical, biological and radioactive controlled goods and/or licensing) Chemical safety

Dr Margaret Glendenning

Biological Safety/Accidents

Dr Androulla Gilliland

Radiation Safety

Lisabeth Yates

Import Export Hub N/A

AP Helpdesk will contact the relevant Finance Accounting Services contacts. FAS will involve the University Tax Team ( if relevant.

VAT registration number and EORI number

The University uses its VAT return to account for import VAT on goods from overseas suppliers. This is known as Postponed VAT Accounting (PVA). You may need to confirm the University’s EORI number and the instruction to use PVA with the carrier/agent.

University's VAT registration: GB 823 8476 09
University's EORI number: GB823847609000

HMRC National Clearance Hub on 0300 322 7900 24 hours a day, 7 days a week or use webchat

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