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Import Export Hub


Importing goods - standard process:

  1. Determine who will be the importer into the UK - you are strongly advised to appoint a customs/import agent
  2. Agree terms and conditions with your supplier (including Incoterms®)
  3. Determine the commodity code /goods tariff classification
  4. Establish if there is any import VAT to pay
  5. Establish if there is any Customs duty to pay
  6. Are there any VAT / duty reliefs available?
  7. Check if your goods require an import licence or certificate
  8. Instruct the carrier/agent (clearance instructions) and provide documentation
  9. Import entry declaration made by agent to HMRC on our behalf
  10. Transactions process on CUFS and payment made
Common Scenarios where a different process may be appropriate

You will need to follow the Standard Import model as outlined in the steps above unless one of the following scenarios applies.

  • Sending goods for repair & return
  • Bringing goods in temporarily
  • Bringing goods in you baggage or vehicle to sell or use in the University
  • Postal imports less than £135
  • Moving goods between Northern Ireland and Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales)

The Import & Export hub can help with any of the above. It will help to complete the Import export enquiry form.

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